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Racer Family Remembers Dick Weaver

Murray State Athletics is saddened by the death of one of its most-loved supporters, Dick Weaver, who died at the age of 90, on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018
"I'm deeply saddened at the loss of Dick Weaver, our dear friend," Murray State Athletics Director, Allen Ward said. "No one loved Murray State and the Racers more than Mr. Weaver. He impacted our program in so many ways, touching the lives of student-athletes in every sport.  He'll forever be remembered as we celebrate his life by doing what he would most desire, using the Weaver Center to ensure our student-athletes earn their degree."
Dick Weaver and his late wife Jan had a dream in the late 1990's, that was to do something for the Racer student-athletes that would have a positive influence on their academic careers. 21 years later, the Weaver Academic Center in Roy Stewart Stadium is continuing to give Racer student-athletes every opportunity to excel in the classroom. The Weaver Center is a state-of-the-art academic center complete with individual and group study areas, but the centerpiece of the Weaver Center is its computer lab that has been updated several times over the years. MSU student-athletes also have access to tutors as well.
Out of Indiana University, Dick went to work for RCA in 1958. Known as a man who was a problem solver, he excelled in industrial engineering. He was working for RCA when the company became a subcontractor for special projects with NASA. Dick was part of the team that developed the landing systems for the Apollo spacecraft (Lunar Excursion Module). In the 1980's, Dick ran own manufacturing consulting business and continued into early 1990s. He consulted 300 businesses such as airports in Montreal and Toronto, Ford Motor Company and various hospitals. Dick was a First lieutenant and served in the US Army from 1945-46 and 1950-54 in the 82nd Airborne and 187 Airborne regimental combat Team and Army Rangers.
J. H. Churchill Funeral Home in Murray, Ky., is charge of funeral arraignments. Click here to see funeral plans.
GoRacers.com has sought out the thoughts of those Murray State Athletics staff, coaches and student-athletes, both current and past who knew Dick Weaver and want to share their memories of Dick Weaver. Those should be emailed to Dave Winder, Associated AD for Media Relations at dwinder@murraystate.edu.
Allen Ward – Murray State Athletics Director
"On a personal note, I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to know and love such an incredible man. He was a faithful friend and an example to us all.  I would learn so much from our personal visits when he would regularly stop by my office. Those were cherished times that I will miss. I am so thankful for the impact Mr. Weaver made on my life, both personally and professionally. He will be sorely missed by all who had the incredible privilege to know him."
Dave Schwepker – Murray State Volleyball Coach
"First and foremost, Dick was my friend.  As a friend, he then became my mentor.  I am not sure if he would want that title but he helped me become the man, the coach and the person that I am today.  I can honestly say that my volleyball program and my life would not be where it is today if it were not for Dick.  He taught me how to "Coach" how to "Live" and how to "Be".  The biggest lesson I have learned from him is how to bring out the best in the people in my life; how to find their motivation so they can be successful; and how to lift them up to bring out their true potential.  This was good at!  I will work very hard to live up to what he has taught me so as to keep this part of him alive and hopefully pass on to others.  I will miss him, his stories, his advice and his friendship.  I can truly say that I am a better husband, father, coach and person because of Dick Weaver.  I will miss this great man!"
Alan Lollar – Murray State Rifle Head Coach
"When I look back on the influences in my life, Dick Weaver will be there with the biggest. He taught me what it meant to be a mentor and friend. His knowledge and wisdom were surpassed only by his friendship. I am better for having known him and heaven's gain is this world's loss. I have known "the most interesting man in the world" and he will be missed. Thank you Dick, give my best to your bride."
Velvet Milkman – Murray State Women's Golf Coach
"Dick Weaver touched the lives of many people, including myself. The people that knew him are better because of his presence in their lives, this was because of his amazing ability to positively affect everyone he knew. Dick was an exceptional man that was a true friend and mentor. He will be greatly missed."
Mitch Stewart – Murray State Football Coach
"The thing I loved most about Dick was how gracious he always was to my wife.  He always made her feel very welcomed when he would see her and talked to her like they were old friends.  Actually he did that with pretty much everyone I saw around him.  He was a great supporter of this program but an even better friend to a lot of people.  I will miss our Cracker Barrel conversations.  He truly was a great friend."
Matt McMahon – Murray State Men's Basketball Coach
"We send our condolences to the family of Murray State Hall of Famer, Dick Weaver.  He was a great, great man who was incredibly kind and generous.  Mr. Weaver was committed to making a positive impact on people and I'm very thankful for my time spent with him.  Mr. Weaver's legacy at Murray State and in the Murray community will live on forever."
Rechelle Turner - Murray State Women's Basketball Coach
"Mr. Weaver loved Murray State. It was evident through his generous support of Racer athletics and academics. His legacy will live on through the Weaver Center that our student athletes utilize daily to reach their career goals."
Steve Prohm – Iowa State Basketball Coach and Former Racer Coach
"I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Dick Weaver. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the Murray State community at this time. I really appreciated the relationship that we had developed during my time there. I spent a couple hours with him last May when I was back visiting my wife's family. Dick was always so positive and was always dreaming up the next great idea to help Murray State and the city of Murray. Dick was a great advocate for Murray State in all areas – athletically and academically. Dick will be missed by so many."
Billy Kennedy – Texas A&M Basketball Coach and Former Racer Coach
"Dick was a true racer. He exemplified humility, character and a love for Murray State. That I'll never forget."
Kenny Roth – MSU Radio Analyst and former MSU Athletics Associate AD
"Although, Jan & Dick Weaver's family was small, Dick Weaver's legacy will live for generations because of his ability to support, to mentor, to advise, to lead or to follow and to love the people of Murray State University, the city of Murray and Calloway county. He was a man that had long line of best friends."

Chris Hatcher – Samford Football Coach and Former Murray State Coach
"Out of all the people I've met in the many different places I've coached, no one compared to Dick. He was the best at supporting the student athletes and coaches. The very first time we met he asked what I needed.  I said some paint to finish painting the offices inside Stewart Stadium.  Next thing I knew I had an open account at Sherwin Williams. I will always cherish our time together. He was a great man, a great friend, and A Racer Great."
Joe Pannunzio – Alabama Assistant Coach and Former Racer Football Coach
"Dick and Jan Weaver were very unique people in this day and Age.  They were Unselfish and so very generous to the Community, the University and to the many people that they touched. The world lost two very Special People.  We were Blessed to have had them in our lives."
Nick Newcomb – Former Murray State Golf Student-Athlete
"Dick was a great man that did a ton for Murray State and the city of Murray. While most Racer student-athletes never met him, Dick probably impacted them more with the founding of the Weaver Center and various other things he did. I was fortunate enough to meet him and get to know him personally. I will never forget those meetings and conversations. He will be missed but not forgotten for his impact on Murray State University."
Patrick Newcomb - Former Murray State Golf Student-Athlete
"Dick Weaver was an amazing human being and mentor to me. He had a huge part in helping me accomplish my career goals and most importantly making me a better man along the way.  Most people don't know how much he meant to me and how invested he was in my dreams of playing golf professionally. That's the kind of man he was. Dick invested in people more than things. I was just fortunate enough to be one of those people he invested in and I'll always be thankful."

Tab Brockman – Former MSU Athletics Staff
"Dick Weaver was one of a kind. He gave so much and asked so little in return. He loved his amazing wife, Jan, with all his heart. He also loved all things Murray State. Dick let you know about both of those loves right away. We have lost a true Racer legend and gentleman whose generosity and life will live on even with his passing."
Dave Winder – Murray State Associate AD for Media Relations
"I got to know Dick after he had a storage shed damaged in a storm and helped him clean it up. After that, I was one of many who had a regular lunch date with him. I found out quickly just how much he cared for the Murray community and the people in it. He didn't have to, but he cared for me as a person and I'm better for having known him. His contributions to the wellbeing of our school and city cannot be overstated. He had an appetite to make it better. A veteran, Dick and I shared interest in USA military history. Dick loved our country and served it well as a soldier. He kept on serving others right up to the end. I'm going to miss him, but I'm happy that he's seeing his beloved wife Jan in heaven. When Dick and Jan decided to make Murray their home in 1985, little did Murray State and the city know what a gem of a couple they were getting. If you knew Dick, you knew you had a friend. His lasting legacy and that of his beloved late wife, Jan, will never be forgotten."
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